Bake Me a Wish

We celebrated Benjamin’s 3rd birthday on Saturday. It’s so hard to believe he’s already 3! It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little baby who refused to sleep. He has been my most challenging baby. He never slept. I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not. He literally never slept. It was close to 8 months old when we had to sleep train him and he finally started sleeping through the night. But boy was that hard!

Now my little guy is the best sleeper in the house. He loves sleeping! He used to get so excited when it came fine for bed. “Yay bed!!” he’d say! He’s a delight to be around.

We were thankful to receive a delicious cake from Bake Me A Wish for his birthday. If you haven’t heard of them, Bake Me A Wish is an awesome company that makes yummy cakes, and they ship to your house. You can also send them as gifts. They even send their cakes overseas so it’s a wonderful way to wish a happy birthday or send love to any of the Troops across seas. I’ve had several of their cakes and they are all absolutely delicious. I’ve never been unhappy!

Check them out here and order a cake today! You won’t be unhappy!

Use code JAMIE to save 15%. Enjoy!

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