The Noah Tree

I had such a spiritual dream last night. My boyfriend, Jason, and I were walking hand in hand on a frozen lake. I heard the Lord instruct me to have a seat on a rigid piece of ice nearby. As I sat, a group of men came over, Jason included, and started cutting into the ice. Under it was a tree, called The Noah Tree. Around us formed a tea cafe; A beautiful building with wood floors, filled with people. Jason picked the tree and gently blew it’s seeds over me, the seeds looked like those of a dandelion. As they brushed my skin, I could feel the overwhelming love of God all around me. I took some of the seeds and placed them on man next to me, and the woman on my other side. I could see them physical experience God’s love touching them. The tree sat in the center of the cafe, as Jason and I served tea to the guests; Tea and Christ.

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